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Some chilled dub…..



Full Ah Kulture EP

Digital 6

D 6034

29 September, 2015

Deep Dubstep





iTunes dubs – rascal recommends

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…some dubs ‘rascal recommended’ from our iTunes >>>>

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some good dubs, >>> ‘rascal recommends’

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6BLOCC - Tribal Sound War EP 2 (Front Cover)

‘rascal recommended’ : [DPH021] DownBeat dub – Electrorgánico

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[DPH021]// DownBeat dub – Electrorgánico //

Argentina strikes again! From the province of Mendoza comes DownBeat dub, a four member live band with a twist! Emi Bless (Drum & SetLive), Jah Sound (Bass & Synth), Coco (Guitar) and Eter Dub (Keys & Brass) are mixing organic sounds with some heavyweight dubwise business. “Electrorgánico” is the name of their first digital release on Dubophonic. Half organic and half electronic, Latin America is cultivating indeed some serious dub vibes and is establishing itself in the world dub map!


“Electrorgánico” is also the name of their style, the result of their passion and commitment to explore dub music and introduce some new musical paths. The four musicians from Argentina are passionate and dedicated to the study and live performance of dub music. Their album is an amalgamation of many elements: analog meets digital, organic meets electronic, ethnic meets dub.

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Starting with Coco’s guitar healing the nation, the journey continues with some funky dub sounds leading to an inside upliftment. Only to pause for some inspiration through the musically artistic interludes, admiring the view from the high mountains of Aconcagua, the journey continues in an everlasting musical creation. You are invited to join the journey and be a part of their world.

Chantry / The Villain 7 Inch by Mt. Mountain

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Gotta love home grown West-Oz psyche-rock >>> ‘rascal recommended’

Unit One Productions -Thunderline [free download]

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…good dub here >>> ‘rascal recommended’


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Garuda's Travels

Garuda’s Travels

Absorbing customs cultures on Garuda’s turf in Indonesia Cambodia Thailand Malaysia, discovering … path to Redemption without a travel guide !/strong

Product Description
Alcohol, drugs, violence, and insanity. Everything you need in proper travel writing but almost never get. – Jake Needham, author of THE BIG MANGO and seven other bestselling Asian crime novels.Join this journey absorbing customs and cultures on Garuda’s turf  imomn Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia and witnessing historical moments of our time. From Shiite refugees in Madura, pigs running temples in Cambodia, a Bali slaughterhouse, Java’s sex trade in a Surabaya cemetery and Sumbawa’s Pompeii of the East to Thai bombings, rat attack, MH370 in Malaysia, once Garuda books his ticket to South East Asia for a grunge fix, no secret is safe..


Now I know my friend and S.E. Asia a little better! Rickety! – this one coming ‘rascal recommended’

[Image] | Gnomosapien – TIMEWHEEL

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[Image] | Gnomosapien – TIMEWHEEL.

Gnomosapien is a visual illustrator and shaman who documents his encounters with plant spirits and the guardians of time in his journeys. Exploring themes of plant medicine and higher dimensional beings and reality, Gnomosapien’s works are ideal for viewing while riding the TIMEWHEEL.








TIMEWHEEL is an audiovisual production studio and blog.

[Artistic Collective] // [TIMEWHEEL Studios]

based in SATX // ATX [US]



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Love of Cartography – sleepmakeswaves

These guys are making some mesmerizing post-rock music..wowsers >>>>>>>> ‘rascal recommended’

Love of Cartography sleepmakeswaves  New!

we write love songs about delay pedals.


Various Artists – Jahtarian Dubbers Vol. 4

‘BIG UPS on 10 years of digital dubs at Jahtari netlabel >>> ‘rascal recommended’

Hard to believe, but already 10 years have passed since Jahtari’s simple beginnings as a netlabel in 2004. To celebrate in style we cooked up this highly addictive fourth instalment in the crucial Jahtarian Dubbers series that will run your walkman batteries empty in no time.

Delay experts from all five continents filled this hissy reel with psychedelic dubs, soundsystem grenades and everything inbetween: from Australia to London, from Canada to Shanghai, from South Africa to Scotland – the musical compass always points towards deepness.

All tunes have been baked together at the Jahtari HQ for maximum goodness and to include some extra echos from the future. So don’t miss out on this interplanetary cassette – limited pressing as always!

Cover artwork by Disko 69 / Doppeldenk.de.

Monkey Marc – Danger Earth
Pupajim – Nobody Can Stop We (Dub At The Pub Dubplate)
earlyW~orm – The Dub Deal
7ft Soundsystem feat. Mentor Irie – Shut Ya Mounth
El Fata – Good Foundation
disrupt – Chrono Trigger

Jah Screechy – Love We A Deal With

Jahtari Riddim Force – Total Protonic Reversal
Chacha – Black Eyes Stranger
Diggory Kenrick – Stranger Flutes
Rootah – Dancing Chords
Mungo’s Hifi feat. Shanti D – Know Your Roots