[affiliate] ADSR Sounds

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…new affiliate ADSR Sounds is packed full of goodies for those producers looking for samples, synth presets and production tutorials..


BLADERUNNER Dub Dread 5 Artist Series Vol 1

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This one coming ‘rascal recommended’ >>>

BLADERUNNER - Dub Dread 5 Artist Series Vol 1 (Front Cover)

>fine hip hop gems ‘rascal recommended’ @ junodownload

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…some fine shiz here folks…

OMAR - Stop War, Make Love (Front Cover)
20 October, 2014

…shit yeah

FUNKADELIC - Ain't That Funkin Kinda Hard On You (Front Cover)

…and more…

J BLIGE, Mary - Whole Damn Year (Front Cover)
006025 47048844
21 October, 2014

…yeah. :)

[new release] NUMA CREW FEAT DUB FX – Bass Hater – exclusive

…more goodness from LIONDUB INTERNATIONAL label. ‘rascal recommended’


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Been trawlin thru the juno dnb recommendations for August and have made a  special selection – ‘rascal recommended’

Jungle legends really don’t come any bigger than Ray Keith. Dread founder and all round agenda-setter, here we find him unleashing some long-awaited originals. “Greedy Me” takes a well-known vocal and lays it down gracefully over a rush-fuelled full throttle breakbeat groove. “Going In Hard” contrasts this completely with industrial strength and halfsteps that wouldn’t go amiss on Exit. Further on, “Waste Man Dem” is a Dub Phizix-style vocal cut from Ray’s Renegade Live outfit while “Dub 1″ is a turbo charged homage to synths with cool use of a Roberta Flack vocal. Each one of them primed for destruction, it’s clear Ray hasn’t lost his touch.



Satellite TV Software

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Promoting reviews and music bargains at affiliate partner JUNO:

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The Summer Sale is here with up to 90% off over records and CDs. Also featured this week are digital Sample Packs and an in-depth review of the 10 Best Decks and Controllers by our pros at Juno Plus.

If your looking into buying DJ Products this time of year, please support LRRecords by buying from JUNO.

Or if your looking to buy more music as hardcopy vinyl and cds:

First ‘rascal recommends’ for 2013

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check out these phat new releases to kick off 2013!- ‘rascal recommended”




 Free VST PLugins, Free Synth Plugins, Free PC Music Plugins, Mac, at Pluginboutique.com

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 Great selection of plugins here folks. Download some today for the new LRR Studio…- ‘rascal recommended’



Pluginboutique.com Launch new Free Plugins Area!

Pluginboutique.com,  Loopmasters sister  website dedicated to selling music software and plugins online has just released a brand new custom area dedicated to sourcing the best free plugins for producers worldwide!

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Once you are signed up at the site you simply select the plugins you want and they are added to your account to download, and whats more you will also be notified when any of them are updated so you always have the most current versions of them on your computer. If you have the time you can also rate the plugins on a variety of merits in order to help fellow producers choose the best plugins for themselves.

Currently the new free area has plugins from companies including Inear Display, 7air Media, Vladgsound, Distorque, Sinevibes, Melda, Variety of Sound, Softrave, Blue Cat Audio, Minimal System Instruments, GTG Synths and many more.

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Dusty Fungus – Intonarumori EP (Available @ Addictech August 6th)

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quirky atmospheric crazy – ass producer DUSTY FUNGUS dropping a EP forthcoming with SIXBUX Productions… – ‘rascal recommended’

Dusty Fungus – Intonarumori EP (Available @ Addictech August 6th) by SixBux Productions

In the noise-driven world of a not-so distant future, sound has become the dominant form of sensory perception. With ears more sensitive than eyes, the desire grows to inhibit an equivalent field of sound. The once aesthetically pleasing realm of traditional music becomes challenged by noise-generating machines capable of complex tonality and infinite timbre. And, as the deeply emotive and provocative nature of these new sounds is granted society’s favour, the future of humanity is celebrated. Now, the world will hear only the perpetual symphony of the Intonarumori.

Almost a century later, and this concept is explored once more. Earthly female vocals immerse a delicately strung mandolins notes as tight breaks lay fluid foundations for moist oscillations, challenging the observed compatibility of auditory perception akin to ‘The Anthropic Principle’. As the low motions of bass tones form body for the rolling percussions rise and fall, granular synths morph amidst a spacious ambience. The sweet charm of classical strings eases the ‘Surreal Futurist’ further into the depths of immersive synthesis, creating the illusion of a timeless harmony. Awakened, empowering chants of Gregorian origin resonate growth within a gorgeously strung and swung, emotive headspace. The lively vibrations of neoclassical strings and synthetic foley fusion amplify the depths of ‘Aphorisms and Interludes’, engaging the senses in a defined yet harmonious journey.

Drawing influence from the sounds of new and old, organic and industrial, conventional and not, Dusty Fungus strives to create a complex, contrasting polyphony between the two. This marries the sincere, nostalgic qualities of classical music with the unique timbres and rhythms of industrial noise, making for a passionately intriguing, innovative experience.

Press Release by: Corey West

Released by: SixBux Productions
Release/catalogue number: SBR007
Release date: Aug 6, 2012