BE – Sympathetic Resonance Full Promo Mix by Sterioevo on soundcloud

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‘rascal recommends’

LittleKristina Rascal Recommends ….. FRIDAY Drum and Bass EDITION

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Check out these sick new releases that I’m loving!



Pathways EP

Shogun Audio


25 January, 2016

Drum and Bass





Kill Dem Again

Jungle Cakes

JC 045

25 January, 2016

Drum and Bass




Hospitality 2016 (unmixed tracks)



29 January, 2016

Drum and Bass


Hope these tunes pump up your Friday night! 😛

LittleKristinaRascal :)

JUST RELEASED!! —– Dysphemic – Inter-G-Lactic

We can’t stop listening to this awesome new release from Dysphemic!!

With a beautiful story behind it, this mesmerising EP is available for free download…. Check it out below! :)



Dysphemic – Inter-G-Lactic

Released 19 Jan 2016


Returning with his second release on Gravitas Music, Dysphemic perfectly melds glitch hop with 1980s sci-fi soundtrack vibes on “Inter-G-Lactic”. Julian, who is better known as Dysphemic, has co-created this cosmically minded EP alongside his brother Yiani as a tribute to their father, Vernon Treweeke, who passed alway last year. Well known for his visually psychedelic paintings, Vernon was a well respected figure within the Australian and international psychedelic community; his legacy lives on through his sons and their musical memorial to his achievements.

The freshman tune “Age Of Vern” kicks things off with conscious hip hop cut fueled by classy Spanish guitar and funky yet smooth bass lines. Things get a bit heavier with the title track; well-tuned synthesis plays beautifully alongside filtered, twangy guitar riffs. Called “a tour de force of Balkan and Middle Eastern string sounds” by The Untz, “Anatoli” dips deep into an exotic aesthetic while continuing the larger aesthetic of the album. “Decompression” brings up the rear with its intricately resampled reese basses and broken, pulsing drum beat.



Dysphemic Facebook

Dysphemic Website

Enjoy :)



<< LittleKristinaRascal Recommends >>

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Loving this new release from English producer/DJ…. NDread!

Check it out here!!





811868 731605
10 August, 2015

UK Garage




Enjoy! :)


<< LittleKristinaRascal Recommends>>

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Currently listening to Tom Bomba’s awesome ‘Bombatronic’!

Enjoy it here >





Decisive Ecological Warfare

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‘Today is world environment day’

…There’s a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious, makes you so sick at heart, that you can’t take part, you can’t even passively take part, and you’ve got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you’ve got to make it stop! —Mario Savio, Berkeley Free Speech Movement

To gain what is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else. —Bernadette Devlin, Irish activist and politician


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..and how bout this Lil numba… PULP!

[Image] | Gnomosapien – TIMEWHEEL

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[Image] | Gnomosapien – TIMEWHEEL.

Gnomosapien is a visual illustrator and shaman who documents his encounters with plant spirits and the guardians of time in his journeys. Exploring themes of plant medicine and higher dimensional beings and reality, Gnomosapien’s works are ideal for viewing while riding the TIMEWHEEL.








TIMEWHEEL is an audiovisual production studio and blog.

[Artistic Collective] // [TIMEWHEEL Studios]

based in SATX // ATX [US]


dubophonic/ I & I – Red Star Martyrs

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,,awesome dub coming from dubophonic net label, ‘rascal recommended’


Go to release and download here.

Blessed with a devotion to dub and roots culture and politicised by the inequalities that haunt a world of plenty, Red Star Martyrs have arrived as the latest incarnation of musician and producer Stanley Wood. As a member of cult Birmingham reggae outfit Route 81, Stanley learnt his trade as a guitarist and gigging musician before becoming part of guerrilla graffiti specialists and urban raconteurs Echo Base. Here he encountered for the first time the mystical world of the recording studio and within it, the wonders of the Roland Space Echo – a love affair was born.


The romance bloomed with the arrival of affordable technology, enabling those that dared to dream the chance to create their own Channel One studio. The logical outcome for Stanley was Shotgun Rockers. From producing original dubs for the Dub Nation sound system, Shotgun Rockers became recording artists for Zip Dog, Nubian and Tanty records at the moment when a new breed of dub was being formed, introducing the energy of European dance music to inspiration from the legends of the Jamaican dub.


Fast forward to the now and Red Star Martyrs exist as an open collective where roots and dub artists from all over the world are invited to contribute and collaborate, bringing a message of love, unity and political consciousness. Oh yeah, and to have fun too, because roots dub music is what makes us all smile, right?


The EP includes two tracks accompanied by the appropriate dubs for your personal recreation. “Insurrection” is a heavy stepper tune, followed by two exclusive mixes in one drop and breakbeat style. First appearance of Mrs Boo La La aka Bec Crispin on “Independence” spreading the rootical vibrations all the way.spreading the rootical vibrations all the way.

released 21 September 2013
Dubophonic aims to seek and provide you with exclusive releases of quality dub music, from artists who are dedicated and passionate about their work.


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Preview of some SPIRAL SOUNDSYSTEM dubs, dropping at KURANDA ROOTS FESTIVAL: