Tom Bomba - Bombatronic

Little Rascal Records is proud to announce the re-release of Bombatronic LP by Fremantle based artist Tom Bomba. Originally self released, sixteen track album Bombatronic presents an eclectic mix of tunes covering a wide variety of sounds and influences in genres; rock, folk, roots, reggae and electronic. Personal and conscious songs that have infectious grooves and vibes that uplift the listener or send you off  to sonic wonderlands. The music is rich in emotion and layered in original analog and digital instrumentation and programming plus a subtle dose of sampling, crafted by song master, producer, audio activist and collaborator, Tom Bomba.

LRRD17BOM01 aalbum cover

Release: Bombatronic
catalog#: LRRD17BOM01
format: LP - digital
label: Little Rascal Records
release date: 14-07-2014

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Get ready for full spectrum online digital release coming soon with complementry local launch party featuring Tom Bomba, other 'little rascals' and emerging artists!

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Tom Bomba - Bio

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